Wedding Nerves

It’s one of the biggest wedding fears for all brides and grooms…getting cold feet on your big day. After all the money and planning has been put into decorations, location and personalized wedding favors for all the guests at the reception, that last thing you want is to have to call it off. Ever since the movie Runaway Bride came out and then actual runaway brides popped up on the news all over the country, many grooms have been sweating bullets as they stand at the altar waiting for their future wife to walk down the aisle. I remember the few terrifying moments that I stood waiting for my bride. I thought for a brief moment that she was having second thoughts, but it just turned out to be a dress malfuntion. There are many things that a bride has to worry about other than her bridesmaids gifts.

There are several things that a couple can do to decrease the chances of one of them making a mad dash on the wedding day. First, premarital counseling can be very helpful to clarify if and why a man and woman actually want to get married. I think it’s great that many churhes actually require the counseling before they perform the ceremony. Secondly, the bride and groom should talk to a lot of marriage veterans and learn from their wisdom. By seeing how a successful marriage works, a couple will increase their own chances and will calm their fears for tying the knot.

Everyone gets a little nervous before they say “I Do”. It’s perfectly normal, but just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it feels good, and many brides and grooms wish there was some way to ease the pre-wedding jitters. Fortunately, there are some practical treatments. A warm bath in the morning, for example, helps start out the hectic big day in a relaxing way. Perhaps getting a pre-nuptial massage rather than a prenuptial agreement would help ease tension.

One surefire way to reduce stress when planning the special day is to have fun at the hen or stag  party. The maid of honor, best man and the rest of the wedding party are the closest friends there to support you at this most special occasion of life. Engraved mugs for the guys is something that can used at the party. Brides can give her girls things like make-up kits that the whole group can use and enjoy.