Wedding Accessories and Favours

Wedding Favour Boxes

Take a look at our Tremendous selection of Wedding Favour Boxes. The tradition of gifting favour boxes started in Italy where people used bonbonnieres or bombonieres to thank their guests. Traditionally, bombonieres were filled with Jordan almonds. The five sugared almonds for weddings symbolized


wealth, health, prosperity, long life and fertility. For wedding purposes, sugar almonds in white were mainly used.

How Wedding Favour Boxes or Bonbonnieres Became Popular

Over the years, wedding favours have undergone several drastic changes and more people are gifting them to their near and dear ones.

Types of Wedding Favour Boxes

These boxes are found in different shapes and sizes while the design depends on the theme of the wedding. Some of the common options to prepare favor boxes as gifts include the following:

• Boxes with chocolates, sweets and candies
• Boxes with glass menageries
• Boxes with sugared almonds to usher in prosperity
• Boxes with small gifts and mementos such as crystal jewels, key rings and photo frames

Ideas to Create Favors at Home

It is always wonderful to make some handmade bonbonnieres. Depending on the theme and choices of the couple, one can easily make a beautiful favour in very little time. To make special bonbonnieres at home, you need paper, scissors, pencils and some glue. Interestingly, there are many options to make creative favours. Some of the most creative options include Chinese take out boxes, cherry blossom inspired boxes, tulip bulb favors, floral wedding bags and tote favours.

To make the favours truly special, you can add your touch and create some memorable gifts. Chocolate chunk cookies are always a hit. You can prepare some at home or order online to surprise the newlyweds. For those who are looking at a more traditional and homely option, homemade jams are a great pick. An interesting option will be to put some shells, chimes and a CD of romantic numbers in the box. Shells produce sounds of the ocean and are quite popular among newlyweds.

If you want to place some sweets in the box, you can prepare sweets that are popular in other parts of the world to give it an exotic feel. You may also put ripe fruits to wish for prosperity, abundance and fertility for the couple. Another option is to go for bird's nest favors which can be accompanied by Jordan almonds. The nest symbolizes domesticity and is a great way to gift newlyweds.

Opting for a nice bonbonniere is a great way to create a wonderful memory. With some creativity and help, you can make a great wedding favour. With some planning and creativity, these special boxes can be turned into memorable gifts.