Wedding Accessories and Favours

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Wedding Truffles - Pink Champagne

There will be an abundance of products to choose from for couples who wish to pamper their relatives and friends. Current wedding trends have seen couples choosing items such as heart shaped chocolates or even more adventurous shapes including butterflies or cute little cupcakes. Don't forget to order in advance in the event you require personalised items. What yours guests think will presumably be quite important to you so make sure to consider carefully before making a choice Put in a little something of yourself to your wedding favour as it is such a special occasion after all Think outside the box regarding image, perhaps a thing that really speaks for the couple could be used as a design.

They might share an interest in the same band or sports team or possibly it could be something they experienced together that was essential to their relationship like the city where they first met. There are countless ideas so feel free to be as creative as you wish.

Ensure that you get in your order in time because you will have enough things to consider as the day gets closer. Budget is of course extremely important so write everything down and see how affordable it is. The planning stages of your wedding though sometimes tense are a time that will always be remembered. Keep in mind that you will find personalised chocolate pieces readily available for the kids among your invitees such as special items for flower girls and page boys which can make excellent treats.