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Ensure you don't forget to add all of the important details to the invite - who is getting married, the date and time, exact start time for the wedding ceremony as well as the reception, an enclosed map with all the particulars of how to get to the venues plus a url to the couples wedding web site.

Wedding invitations are also important because it is a superb way to ensure that family, friends and acquaintances are aware of the important date. Selecting which sort of wedding invitation to use can be important if you wish to make an early impression on your guests.

You may have some trouble choosing which kind of invitation to use as there are many. There are a variety of color combinations, designs and unique layouts that can draw anyone's attention to the wedding invitation that is chosen. There are lots of websites you can work with if you have a special theme in mind. The invites can be perfected to be exactly as you want them. Don't settle for anything less.

An option worth considering is an embossed invite. This is when a three dimensional image is made using a mixture of pressure and heat. Another thought to think about would be getting an engraved invite. This requires raising the lettering slightly with opposite side printing. Why not consider Thermography as another possible option?. With a mix of ink and powder, you get a sort of raised lettered look which is a bit like engraving though shinier. Royal and luxury wedding invitations have an stylish look and frequently draw more attention to them than others. Another choice to contemplate is linen. You will find that a linen invite will have a grainy type of surface that makes it quite unique. Think about a marble invite as a possibility with its stunning swirl design.

You will likely want to put a little of yourself in your invitation design. A personal touch is something which will often be appreciated by your guests.