Wedding Accessories and Favours

Light in the Box

Ring Cushion with Sash and Bows

There are lots of choices available for couples so there should be no problem finding a model you like. You will have no problem getting the ring cushion you need. Its certainly very easy to shop for your wedding from the comfort of your own home. You will want everything to be wonderful for your wedding day all the way down to the little details like wedding cushions. Though a ring cushion seems like a tiny detail it can in some cases be the initial thing that the guests of your wedding view. A wedding ring cushion is something you will usually find at a regular wedding. Most couples will opt for a page boy or flower girl to bring the cushion up the aisle. The official title is ring bearer which adds a bit of glamour. Though small in size these cushions can certainly make an impression on your guests.. They are usually selected to compliment the ring so picking the right colour is important. The obvious choice is not always the best so think hard.

Typically a ring cushion will have connected items such as Crystals, Pearls and even Diamond on certain occasions. It's not unusual for the best man to take care of the rings from start to finish but many guest absolutely adore the opportunity of seeing a page boy or flower girl carry the rings.