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Ivory Butterfly Three Fold Invites

There is no denying the value of wedding invitations and what they symbolise which is of course the start of a new relationship. Important people in your life such as family and friends will be able to put the date aside once they receive an invitation. Deciding on which sort of wedding invitation to use can be important if you wish to make an early impression on your guests. The best part of wedding invitations is that there are so many different kinds to choose from. The colours used will no doubt be important for the couple as well as the overall layout. There are lots of websites you can work with if you have a special theme in mind. There are plenty of custom options that can be tailored to really say something special. An option worth looking at is an embossed invite. This is when a three dimensional image is made using a combination of pressure and heat. Another thought to think about would be getting an engraved invite. This entails raising the lettering slightly with opposite side printing. Thermography is another type of invitation that some use for their wedding invitations. You put ink with powder and this generates a shiny lettered effect not dissimilar to the engraved look. Royal weddings are great for the romantics and some people like to include some royal touches to the design of their wedding stationery.

You may be interested in a linen invite. This type of wedding invitation has a grainy surface and it is an option many couples choose because of its distinct look. Marbled paper is still another option where decorative paper has swirls on it that appear to be a lot like marble.