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Beige Invites

You will want all your important guests such as friends and family to be aware of the date well ahead of time. In addition, a finely crafted wedding invitation gives a lovely appearance of quality and a timeliness that can't be surpassed. The best part of wedding invitations is that there are so many different kinds to choose from. The colours used will no doubt be important for the couple as well as the overall layout. There are lots of websites you can work with if you have a special theme in mind. There are many custom options that can be tailored to really say something special. One sort of invitation to a wedding that is lovely is the embossed invitation. With the addition of heat and pressure, a 3 dimensional image is created. Engraved wedding invitations are another option and this is where the letters are raised slightly and indented on the opposite side of the paper. A popular choice with some couples is Thermography. Ink and powder are combined together and that gives a raised lettering effect that looks a lot like engraving but the letters usually look shiny. Royal weddings are great for the romantics and some people like to include some royal touches to the design of their wedding stationery.

You might be interested in a linen invite. This type of wedding invitation has a grainy surface and it is an option many couples choose because of its distinct look. A Marble invite includes what can be best referred to as swirls on the paper. When picking the appropriate wedding invitation, it is essential to choose a card that expresses your wishes and desires and to select a card that gives a graceful look and an invitation that touches the heart of the person who reads it. Make sure you don't forget to add all the important details to the invite - the couples names obviously, the date and time, precise start time for the wedding ceremony as well as the reception, a separate piece of paper with a map to the important locations and also a link to the wedding website if you have one.