Soap Wedding Favours

One thing that plagues brides the worst on the day of their nuptials is stress. As joyous as the occasion is, it can push you to your limit. One thing that I almost got to do (and that I really would have loved) was to take a calm, quiet bath on the morning of my big day. All the recent activity of the stag and hen party (I had to plan it for my groom) and wedding shower was a big flurry in my brain.

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Planning the reception was a lot of work, too. I needed a moment of peace and quiet before taking a huge leap into marriage. Unfortunately, I never got that moment. Oh I took the bath all right, but it was anything but peaceful. I think that if I had planned that time myself in my own space, then it would have been much better. My advice is for a bride to take the initiative in saving her sanity and planning some quiet time on her day.

Having a nice, warm bath is a simple way to make sure you’re relaxed before saying “I do”. It also helps to have some relaxing bath salts and things like lavender soap. It’s amazing what simple herbal soap can do. I think the best thing a girl can do is to let everyone else know her plans for this time so they’ll politely back off. One way to play this off in fun is to give out bath and soap wedding favors. It may even encourage everyone else to chill out, too!