How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer might be the most important things you do while planning a wedding. Many brides really don’t realize how essential the photographer is. I know this from personal experience. My wedding photographer was recommended by my Aunt as being “fabulous” and the price was right, so that was enough for me.

I didn’t find out until much too late that the person who thought he was “fabulous” was his girlfriend and he had never actually photographed a wedding before! It was a bit of nightmare. When it came time to take pictures, there was NO order. We hadn’t worked out any kind of plan and he had no idea what I wanted. He was a good photographer, but we had a huge lack of communication. Don’t get me wrong I did get some nice pictures, but I would have liked some more spontaneous pictures to choose from. Almost everything I have was staged and if you know me than you know how incredibly spontaneous I am. It wasn’t until we received the proofs that we realized there was one  picture of my husband, one of his groomsmen and none of him with my family! So here are the things I suggest you do to stay away from this sort of disaster.

1) Use personal referrals. But remember to check out who is doing the referring, so you don’t end us like me.

2) Visit the Website or set up an appointment to look at their portfolio. Concentrate on the pictures not the web design.

3) Conduct a phone interview. The first time I met/talked to my photographer was on my wedding day before the wedding. It was not the best time to synchronize our thoughts.

4) Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You should know everything about the way your photographer is going to record one of the most important days of your life!

5)Get on the same page. Make sure your photographer understands what you want. Let him/her know the wedding theme. Do you want staged shots or spontaneous ones? Do you want pictures of your wedding cake, Pictures of your guest, or even pictures of your wedding favors?

6) After you’re sold, make a commitment.