Getting in Shape for your Wedding

Exercising is usually painful, and that makes is very difficult to commit, even when it’s for your wedding. Brides are known for busting their backsides to look great in their wedding gown, but what about the grooms? We want to look sexy too! Who wants a big gut underneath the tuxedo? Not me! Of course, I didn’t really exercise very hard before my big day.

There was just too many other things to plan and prepare for, not least of which was being a husband for the rest of my life. Still, looking back I would have liked to have a toned body to match my smokin’ hot bride. Many of our honeymoon photos have been lost, and part of me is okay with that because I would like to someday redo the whole trip. Here are a few tips I can pass on to my fellow grooms for getting in shape before tying the knot.

Get your groomsemen to do it with you. Make them earn those groomsmen wedding gifts! My best man lived a distance away from me, but if he lived nearby, we always enjoyed working out together. It’s much easier to have support with you. If that can’t work, your fiancee would probably find it sweet that you want to exercise with her so you can look good for her special day.

One of the keys to having a successful exericise program is to streamline all the other wedding planning. This will reduce stress for the groom and bride. Get a notebook with all the notes and receipts for wedding items, like flowers, location reservations, limo reservations, etc. You should also go for the cheaper route whenever you can. One of the easiest ways to do this is by finding affordable decorations and inexpensive wedding favours. You can even get themed gifts, like love wedding favors without spending too much