First Dance at your Wedding – Are you ready?

It a cherished memory at every reception…the first dance together for the bride and groom. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into those few moments. For instance, the couple have to pick a song. Usually it’s the couples favorite together, or just a romantic love song that they’ve always wanted to dance to. It’s very important because one of the questions they’ll be asked on many anniversaries in the future is “so what was the song for your first dance?”

Picking the song can be a challenge, but that’s only half the battle. A more important issue is, are you going to be able to dance it. This is why many couples choose slow, classic dance tunes. It’s relatively easy to slow dance; you just move your feet back and forth. Many couples want their first spin on the dance floor as husband and wife to be extra special; like maybe a waltz or even a tango. If the groom-to-be has two left feet, fear not, for a good dance class can be a fun activity for any engaged couple.

In order to save all these precious memories, one favor you may want to invest in are some good wedding frames favors to keep all the photographs of your first dance and the rest of the reception. If you’re going to be doing an elegant dance like a waltz or even just a slow dance, you can complement the atmosphere with some silver plated wedding favours for all your guests.