First Dance at your Wedding – Are you ready?

It a cherished memory at every reception…the first dance together for the bride and groom. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into those few moments. For instance, the couple have to pick a song. Usually it’s the couples favorite together, or just a romantic love song that they’ve always wanted to dance to. It’s very important because one of the questions they’ll be asked on many anniversaries in the future is “so what was the song for your first dance?”

Picking the song can be a challenge, but that’s only half the battle. A more important issue is, are you going to be able to dance it. This is why many couples choose slow, classic dance tunes. It’s relatively easy to slow dance; you just move your feet back and forth. Many couples want their first spin on the dance floor as husband and wife to be extra special; like maybe a waltz or even a tango. If the groom-to-be has two left feet, fear not, for a good dance class can be a fun activity for any engaged couple.

In order to save all these precious memories, one favor you may want to invest in are some good wedding frames favors to keep all the photographs of your first dance and the rest of the reception. If you’re going to be doing an elegant dance like a waltz or even just a slow dance, you can complement the atmosphere with some silver plated wedding favours for all your guests.

How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer might be the most important things you do while planning a wedding. Many brides really don’t realize how essential the photographer is. I know this from personal experience. My wedding photographer was recommended by my Aunt as being “fabulous” and the price was right, so that was enough for me.

I didn’t find out until much too late that the person who thought he was “fabulous” was his girlfriend and he had never actually photographed a wedding before! It was a bit of nightmare. When it came time to take pictures, there was NO order. We hadn’t worked out any kind of plan and he had no idea what I wanted. He was a good photographer, but we had a huge lack of communication. Don’t get me wrong I did get some nice pictures, but I would have liked some more spontaneous pictures to choose from. Almost everything I have was staged and if you know me than you know how incredibly spontaneous I am. It wasn’t until we received the proofs that we realized there was one  picture of my husband, one of his groomsmen and none of him with my family! So here are the things I suggest you do to stay away from this sort of disaster.

1) Use personal referrals. But remember to check out who is doing the referring, so you don’t end us like me.

2) Visit the Website or set up an appointment to look at their portfolio. Concentrate on the pictures not the web design.

3) Conduct a phone interview. The first time I met/talked to my photographer was on my wedding day before the wedding. It was not the best time to synchronize our thoughts.

4) Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You should know everything about the way your photographer is going to record one of the most important days of your life!

5)Get on the same page. Make sure your photographer understands what you want. Let him/her know the wedding theme. Do you want staged shots or spontaneous ones? Do you want pictures of your wedding cake, Pictures of your guest, or even pictures of your wedding favors?

6) After you’re sold, make a commitment.

Getting in Shape for your Wedding

Exercising is usually painful, and that makes is very difficult to commit, even when it’s for your wedding. Brides are known for busting their backsides to look great in their wedding gown, but what about the grooms? We want to look sexy too! Who wants a big gut underneath the tuxedo? Not me! Of course, I didn’t really exercise very hard before my big day.

There was just too many other things to plan and prepare for, not least of which was being a husband for the rest of my life. Still, looking back I would have liked to have a toned body to match my smokin’ hot bride. Many of our honeymoon photos have been lost, and part of me is okay with that because I would like to someday redo the whole trip. Here are a few tips I can pass on to my fellow grooms for getting in shape before tying the knot.

Get your groomsemen to do it with you. Make them earn those groomsmen wedding gifts! My best man lived a distance away from me, but if he lived nearby, we always enjoyed working out together. It’s much easier to have support with you. If that can’t work, your fiancee would probably find it sweet that you want to exercise with her so you can look good for her special day.

One of the keys to having a successful exericise program is to streamline all the other wedding planning. This will reduce stress for the groom and bride. Get a notebook with all the notes and receipts for wedding items, like flowers, location reservations, limo reservations, etc. You should also go for the cheaper route whenever you can. One of the easiest ways to do this is by finding affordable decorations and inexpensive wedding favours. You can even get themed gifts, like love wedding favors without spending too much

Wedding Nerves

It’s one of the biggest wedding fears for all brides and grooms…getting cold feet on your big day. After all the money and planning has been put into decorations, location and personalized wedding favors for all the guests at the reception, that last thing you want is to have to call it off. Ever since the movie Runaway Bride came out and then actual runaway brides popped up on the news all over the country, many grooms have been sweating bullets as they stand at the altar waiting for their future wife to walk down the aisle. I remember the few terrifying moments that I stood waiting for my bride. I thought for a brief moment that she was having second thoughts, but it just turned out to be a dress malfuntion. There are many things that a bride has to worry about other than her bridesmaids gifts.

There are several things that a couple can do to decrease the chances of one of them making a mad dash on the wedding day. First, premarital counseling can be very helpful to clarify if and why a man and woman actually want to get married. I think it’s great that many churhes actually require the counseling before they perform the ceremony. Secondly, the bride and groom should talk to a lot of marriage veterans and learn from their wisdom. By seeing how a successful marriage works, a couple will increase their own chances and will calm their fears for tying the knot.

Everyone gets a little nervous before they say “I Do”. It’s perfectly normal, but just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it feels good, and many brides and grooms wish there was some way to ease the pre-wedding jitters. Fortunately, there are some practical treatments. A warm bath in the morning, for example, helps start out the hectic big day in a relaxing way. Perhaps getting a pre-nuptial massage rather than a prenuptial agreement would help ease tension.

One surefire way to reduce stress when planning the special day is to have fun at the hen or stag  party. The maid of honor, best man and the rest of the wedding party are the closest friends there to support you at this most special occasion of life. Engraved mugs for the guys is something that can used at the party. Brides can give her girls things like make-up kits that the whole group can use and enjoy.

Wedding Place Cards

The wedding is going to be beautiful, and the reception is planned. The flowers, dresses, tuxes, and many other celebratory accessories are set in place. One of the smaller details that can either complement a bride’s hard work of planning or stick out like a sore thumb on your matrimonial celebration are the placecard holders. Every detail should be perfect for your big day, so a bride should put some thought into this decoration.

The good news is that there is such a great variety of wedding place card holders available on the market that you can find whatever you need no matter what your wedding theme is. You may also search for a holder that will complement your bridal shower or other party. This favour is easy to find even if the groom isn’t offering much help since he’s daydreaming about the honeymoon. The key is to shop around until you find what matches your style.

It doesn’t matter if you want a traditional ceremony or something more exotic like a beach nuptials, there’s a place card holder to match it. If you are going with a traditional décor, for example, there are some handsome little frames available that add a touch of elegance to something otherwise overlooked. You can get a basic looking silver frame or perhaps a silver frame placecard holder with a floral design molded onto the side so you can match your flowers or bouquet.

If you’re going to have a beach or garden nuptials or even something like a fairy tale ceremony, there are wonderful matrimony place card holders available. For a beach island conjugal theme, there are wire framed fish and shell place card holders for an elegant look or beach purse shaped holders for a more fun look. A garden wedding can be complemented wonderfully by wire framed holders in the shape of a daisy, butterfly or dragonfly.

How to Pick Gifts for your Bridesmaids

Weddings can be touchy events. By “touchy” I mean that it’s very easy for feelings to get hurt and grudges to be born. What’s worse is, you may never know the full story until long after the marriage ceremony is said and done. My mum described my wedding as being like a swan swimming on a lake. On the surface, everything looked calm and beautiful, but underneath the surface there was fast, chaotic, crazy motion. Neither bride nor groom is immune to this phenomenon, but we brides do seem to catch the brunt of everything. I guess it’s a consequence of having it be known as “your” big day.

It means you have to take the good with the bad for everything from the bridal shower to the bachelorette party. One area where good and bad seem to mix easily is selecting the bridesmaids. It’s not always as easy as picking your sisters and friends, especially when you’re like me with four brothers and all guy friends. What I learned from the whole experience, though, is that what’s most important is to not worry about being political with it and just pick who you want because it really is your day and no one else’s.

Picking who you want does not have to be held by any restriction…even tradition. For example, my best friend in the whole world is a guy, so I just made him my “man of honor” rather than have a maid of honor. This led me to get some unique bridesmaid gifts, but it still worked beautifully for the ceremony and the reception.

My husband and I also decided to have a small wedding party, which worked well because then there weren’t a ton of people expecting to get in to it. My main point is, do what you want. Get the unique bridal party gifts that no one expects. There are a lot of places out there that offer great bridesmaids’ gifts, so have fun searching and find whatever represents you. Save money and buy cheap bridal accessories because on the big day no one will know the difference. Just don’t stress yourself on making everyone else happy. Believe me, I know it’s much easier said than done, but it will make your life much easier.

Wine Wedding Favours

Weddings and fine wine seem to go hand in hand, and it’s no surprise. A good bottle of merlot, chardonnay, Riesling or even champagne will make a big party. Getting married is undoubtedly one of the biggest rituals in a person’s life, so it is an occasion that should be properly celebrated by the whole family and community with good spirits. You don’t have to be a connoisseur of the winepress to appreciate it, and you don’t have to get the expensive liqueur for your nuptials to have good taste. These wedding favours are a great way to help your guests have fun and to show how much you appreciate their love and support. They’re also a bit classier than beer mugs and kegs for celebrating holy matrimony.

A wine matrimonial favour can be something simple that’s given to each guest or a special groomsman, bridesmaid or usher gift. If you want to give something touching and sentimental yet easy, a glass with you and your fiancée’s name engraved on it is a good place to start. Depending on how much you want to spend, this could be something given to all guests or just your maid of honor or best man. Other good ideas of wine wedding favours include stoppers or keys to open bottles. These are gifts that can also be engraved to make them personalised, too. Instead of just your names or initials, you could also engrave their name for an extra loving touch.